The Road To Recovery

Grassroots charity helping transport injured Palestinians to Israeli hospitals.

Note for donors

Donations made to Compassiviste Foundation are tax deductible in the United Kingdom and the United States. Following your donation, you will receive a receipt with the details of this form.

Project Description

The Road to Recovery (RTR) is a grassroots initiative founded by Yuval Roth, whose own brother Udi was kidnapped and killed by Hamas in 1993. Following his brother’s death, Yuval was introduced to the Bereaved Families Forum, a group formed by Palestinian and Israeli families who had lost loved ones in the conflict and were working together for a conflict-free future.

In 2006, after helping transport a Palestinian friend to an Israeli hospital, Yuval was inundated with requests for help. Unable to manage all the driving, he began recruiting friends to help with the situation. Yuval continued this work with friends until 2010 when RTR was officially founded.

RTR responded to almost 20,000 requests in 2023 alone, covering nearly 1.6 million kilometres.

Since the attack on October 7th, the charity has not stopped—with several of their volunteer community tragically injured and killed. They are being inundated with requests every day. Due to the challenges of the war, they’re facing an increased shortage of volunteer coordinators and infrastructure and capacity to serve communities on both sides of the conflict.

How does your donation help?

Compassiviste Foundation is raising €37,500 for The Road to Recovery.

Every donation goes toward supporting the work of their volunteers, including transportation costs, fuel and infrastructure to allow RTR to continue their work 24 hours a day.

Donations will also go toward six volunteer meetings throughout 2024 to create dialogue for a harmonious future.


Advice for Larger Donations

If you are considering making a significant donation to Compassiviste Foundation, or any of our charitable initiatives, we can advise you through the process. Contact to speak to a member of the team.

Looking for other ways to support?

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    Compassiviste Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1199317). We require your support to keep our charitable initiatives running.  

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