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A better future

Creatingg a compassionate society free from poverty, cruelty and suffering

To support Compassiviste’s overarching mission, Compassiviste Foundation funds
initiatives that respond to the worst humanitarian crises around the world.

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Our Vision

We believe in a world free of poverty, cruelty, and suffering; a place of peace, hope, love and dignity that is free of division and racial and religious persecution where humankind lives in harmony with the natural environment.

Our Mission

We strive to create a world where the most vulnerable communities can live safely, in peace and dignity; without fear of racial or religious persecution. We exist to respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and help the afflicted and displaced to recover and rebuild their lives. We aim to do this through a collective reevaluation of priorities, revision of values and ignition of the path to social and environmental sustainability and harmony. Through humanitarian activism in the delivery of emergency, educational, financial and ongoing spiritual support to promote sustainable living, we prioritise the collectivist lifestyle that unbiasedly promotes planetary health.

Our Work

Current Projects and Causes

Compassiviste Foundation is a registered charity that develops and invests in projects that serve the 100 million displaced individuals who have lost their homes and loved ones as a result of military and political conflict, civil unrest, environmental disasters and climate change.

  • Support Compassiviste Foundation

    Compassiviste Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1199317). We require your support to keep our charitable initiatives running.  

  • Justice 4 Carmen

    Appeal in support of retired US citizen, Maria del Carmen Lopez, who was kidnapped from her home in Pueblo Nuevo, Mexico.

  • Stand With Her

    The Stand With Her program provides legal aid, temporary housing and therapy to victims of domestic violence and their children in Brazil.

    40 USD can help a victim of domestic violence and their children get therapy, legal assistance, food packages, a shelter room to stay in emergency situations & financial assistance to pay for her kid’s school fee in case she needs to relocate.

  • ENVT Bentley Project

    Funds vital research that improves the health, wellbeing and lifespan of dogs.

  • The Road To Recovery

    Grassroots charity helping transport injured Palestinians to Israeli hospitals.

  • Za’atari Desert Garden

    Trains Syrian refugees residing at the Za’atari camp in hydroponics, enabling them to cultivate their food in extremely harsh conditions. 

  • Maasai Makeover

    Supports the provision of energy-efficient stoves, clean water, electricity, education for women and livestock management strategies in the Maasai area.

Our Values

Progress is never impossible. We know that change is most likely to occur when we unite. We guard against the exploitation and discrimination that has become an everyday reality for billions. These are not news headlines. These are real people, animals and plants suffering real-world effects of overconsumption, greed, oppression and immorality. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Capitalism is not a mandatory or natural social order.

Through action, we can work to create frontline responses to humanitarian crises, crowdfund for those who need it most, work directly to provide genuine help to victims of these cruelties, protest cruel and oppressive behaviour, and save animals and plants from their never-ending holocaust.

Through education, we can share knowledge and experiences of activists and change-makers to discuss progressive methods freely, unbiasedly, inclusively, and compassionately. Knowledge is mightiest tool for any revolution. We receive the effective power to influence change by our own experienced and intelligent will.

Through creativity, we can relate each other’s stories giving platforms to voices who are too often suppressed. For millennia, stories of the oppressed provide hope and ignition to daring activists empowering newer generations to build better societies. This development cannot cease now during our existential threat.

Through community, we can pool resources to establish real-world effects. We can organise ourselves into a thriving and dynamic force hurling toward meaningful and purposeful long-term solutions. We manifest change through advocacy and action.

Our Actions

A Society of Change-Makers

By building an organic society of activists and change-makers, we enable the creation of long-term sustainable projects, be it frontline support to humanitarian crises, sharing stories of exploitation, reducing climate change disasters, or other compassionate activism, that effectively manifest the harmonious development.

Collective Knowledge

Our collective isn’t just one of short-term exchanges and token speeches. We want you to join us by sharing your skills, strengths, and experiences to achieve our common goals. We all wish to overcome the existential crisis facing many species due to our combined negligence. It is time to retrace our steps together.

Ali Horriyat

Our history

Humanity must love always, and always love

Around the globe, we are witnessing catastrophic levels of poverty. A third of the world’s population cannot access clean drinking water. Mental health impacts more than two billion people. Over 95% of people have a health condition. Animal extinction is rising at an alarming rate. Global warming fuels our own existential anxiety.

Compassiviste Foundation was founded in 2022 by our chair trustee, Ali Horriyat, who had personally experienced the social impact of unchecked capitalism, greed, and the unbridled desire for more.

He believed that to create a world of compassion and harmony, we each had to love always, and always love. This saying would become our tagline and has remained at the forefront of everything we do.

Love Always | Always Love


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